Paylocity Payroll Features: Streamline Your Payroll Process and Maximize Savings

When you streamline your payroll, you tap into a wealth of cost savings since there’s no need to spend excessive time and person-power on ensuring data is correct, coordinated, and compliant. Paylocity was built to make the payroll process easier and more efficient for HR teams and employees. See how the software can solve your HR problems.

Unraveling Paylocity: What Does Paylocity Do?

Paylocity is a leading cloud-based payroll and human capital management software that’s excellent at managing complex situations like different types of employees, multiple states, and challenging tax situations. It offers flexible solutions to help you tackle your biggest HR and payroll challenges so you can focus on the future.

Paylocity Payroll Features

What makes Paylocity so exciting is its numerous features within the system—making it an ideal fit regardless of your business or needs. 

Human Resources Essentials

Paylocity’s essential HR features encompass robust processing and comprehensive tools, facilitating seamless operations for businesses of all sizes.

  • Employee Benefits Coordination. Simplify the complex process of managing employee benefits with a centralized platform for enrollment, administration, and communication.
  • Organizational Efficiency and Administration. Leverage streamlined workflows, automated processes, and intuitive interfaces to enhance overall operational effectiveness and enable your HR departments to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Financial Oversight and Control. Utilize a comprehensive suite of tools to monitor and manage finances, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and transparency in payroll, expenses, and reporting—contributing to robust financial management and decision-making.
  • Regulatory Adherence. Stay up-to-date with compliance solutions, navigate complex HR and payroll regulations, minimize risks, and maintain legal compliance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.
  • Compensation Frameworks. Customizable and data-driven tools used for designing, analyzing, and optimizing employee compensation structures, ensuring fair and competitive pay practices 
  • Migration of Historical Data from Previous Systems. Seamlessly transfer accurate employee information, payroll records, and historical data, so you can continuously maintain and leverage insights from your existing HR systems. 

Workforce Planning and Management

Leverage Paylocity and empower your business with data-driven insights to enable strategic workforce optimization and efficient resource allocation.

  • Workload Projection and Roster Arrangement. Ensure efficient resource utilization and maintain workforce flexibility by anticipating staffing needs, optimizing work allocation, and creating effective schedules.
  • Timekeeping and Attendance Monitoring. Access to effective tools for tracking employee work hours, managing time-off requests, and ensuring compliance with attendance policies.
  • Leave of Absence and Skill Set Administration. Instant solutions for managing employee leaves, tracking skill sets, and facilitating seamless workforce transitions for effective talent management and organizational adaptability.
  • Workforce Data Analysis. Feel empowered with robust analytics tools that extract valuable insights from employee data, enabling informed decision-making, sourcing trends, and driving continuous improvement in HR strategies and operational efficiency.
  • Talent Succession Strategy. Get an assist in identifying, developing, and advancing key employees within your organization, ensuring a steady pipeline of skilled talent to fill critical roles and drive sustained growth.

Employee Benefits Admin

Streamline the management of employee benefits—from enrollment to administration—with a user-friendly platform that boosts communication, simplifies processes, and ensures compliance with evolving regulations.

  • Document Control. Manage and organize critical HR documents for simplified version control, and easy access, contributing to enhanced record-keeping and compliance in a centralized and secure platform.
  • Enrollment Strategy. Efficiently manage employee benefit enrollments through customizable workflows, intuitive interfaces, and comprehensive communication tools.
  • Records Handling. Leverage a systematic approach to securely storing, tracking, and accessing employee records to ensure data accuracy, regulatory compliance, and efficient record management throughout your employees’ lifecycles.
  • Compliance with Regulations. Paylocity’s robust compliance framework ensures businesses adhere to a multitude of HR and payroll regulations, mitigating risks, maintaining accuracy, and providing the necessary tools to navigate complex legal requirements with confidence.

Paylocity’s Mobile App

Take efficient HCM solutions on the go. With the Paylocity mobile payroll and HR app, you have solutions right at your fingertips, wherever you are. View paychecks, request time off, and stay in touch with coworkers—the app gives you the freedom to stay connected anywhere, anytime. Employees can also leverage the app, clock in and out, request time off, and view balances, as well as access important info like current and past checks, tax forms, schedules, and timesheets, at any time.

API Integrations

Paylocity’s developer-friendly APIs connect its software to any system, making it easy to access data from Paylocity within other systems or connect other services and providers. And Paylocity has loads of API integrations, so you can seamlessly integrate data no matter what. Some of the most common ones are Salesforce, QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, and Hubspot—but there are 300 more to choose from. Its system can be your central hub, maximizing accuracy, increasing automation and efficiency, and driving action across the organization.

The Organizational Benefits of Implementing Paylocity

Payroll and HR management can be time-consuming and error-prone when handled manually. Plus, the administrative burden of data and paperwork can make it challenging to stay current with regulations. By utilizing Paylocity’s solutions, HR teams can streamline processes, ensure compliance, and elevate the employee experience—enhancing overall efficiency and organizational effectiveness.

Implementing Paylocity with Ease: Partner with PREDICTIVEHR for Expert Support

When you tap into our Paylocity expertise we’ll work to ensure the implementation is done correctly and tailor the configuration to match your business needs. To ensure you’re up and running quickly and efficiently we offer onboarding assistance for a smooth launch. And once it’s all working as it should be, we can stick around for however long you need providing managed services to ensure everything runs smoothly. Discover other ways PREDICTIVEHR is the ideal partner in implementing and maintaining your instance.

Take Control of Your Payroll: Embrace the Power of Paylocity

Make payroll and HR management streamlined and more efficient with Paylocity. And make your partnership with Paylocity effortless with PREDICTIVEHR.

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