What Can a People Analytics Platform Do for You?

Did you know that more than 50% of companies report difficulty integrating workforce data from both HR and non-HR systems? With the widespread adoption of HR systems, organizations require a sophisticated solution to enhance data collection, aggregation, normalization and cleansing from disparate workforce planning systems, talent management platforms, and compensation and payroll programs to name a few. By utilizing predictive AI to clean and drill down into an increasing pool of data points, executives can glean insights on today’s data and use those insights within a predictive framework to make insightful people decisions for tomorrow.

PredictiveHR Integrity offers pre-built Executive Lenses. The CHRO Executive Lenses leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence so each member of your executive team can see the data and actionable insights that matter most for executives to be successful in their role. Our platform gives you the power of knowledge at your fingertips to provide the guidance you need to make meaningful business decisions that most impact your business.

Utilizing Predictive AI for Data Normalization

Technology that allows HR professionals to not only aggregate but integrate workforce data can greatly provide companies clear visibility into their workforce, reveal business and performance opportunities, and provide proper data management. Yet, most organizations are still stuck on the notion of managing their employee data from multiple systems within their company. If data is scattered or misclassified, there are several issues that can occur:

  1. Unorganized Data – Pulling data from several systems can become messy when you’re searching for the information you need.
  2. Communication Discrepancies – Gathering and reporting on analytics can easily lead to misinformation and communication, leading to inaccurate or inefficient decision-making.
  3. Slow Collection and Sorting Processes – HR teams are stuck going through each separate system in hopes of finding the information they need to make impactful decisions. Yet, they end up wasting valuable time and money.
  4. Being Misclassified from a Payroll and Department Perspective – Operating from separate systems allows for mislabeling to happen easily. By normalizing workforce data, HR managers can extract and report on data from one centralized platform.

Powered by PredictiveHR’s AI engine, Integrity™ harnesses the power of your data by aggregating, cleansing, and normalizing your employee data all in one spot. With all the information you need right at your fingertips, PredictiveHR’s platform is your single source of truth to support your business decisions. Now, your HR teams will stop wasting time sorting through numbers and get to issues that truly matter and impact your company faster. About 39% of companies don’t have a strategy in place to manage data, don’t let disparate systems be another obstacle to get through.

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Uniting data into one place provides users reliable access to their employee data from a single dashboard to highlight their workforce issues. The CHRO Executive Lens allows you to:

  • Headcount – Have a high-level view of your workforce costs, productivity and retention to plan your next move.
  • Retention – Ramp and flex your costs based on sales and headcount.
  • Talent Acquisition – Have comprehensive deep dive into your talent of today and tomorrow.
  • Performance – Predict how the efficacy of your learning and development will impact your employee performance for years to come.
  • Productivity – Win the war for talent with insights into your source and cost of hire and how it compares.

Predictive AI is just the start of what analytics can do for you and your company. Insight into all aspects of your workforce data will open up endless opportunities and support decisions your team wouldn’t have been able to make before.

Digging Into the Data

A workforce analytics software that’s automated, scalable, and reliable can provide full visibility into your entire talent population. The CHRO Executive Lens supplies executives and HR managers the data and industry-leading insights they need, instantly. By optimizing and normalizing every function of your data sets, each Lens delivers easy-to-understand dashboards, that are automatically updated, all the time.

In addition to our comprehensive solution, we go above and beyond to serve as your trusted advisors. We’ll provide you proactive insights before it’s time to make a decision and help you develop strategies to optimize your HR systems, improve performance, reduce turnover, and manage talent.


By utilizing PHR we were able to optimize our current Core HR systems, receive Recruiting Support, as well as, implement the People Analytics Platform for real-time reporting and data analysis.

– Heather Hartford, Chief People Officer, Acquia


The CHRO Executive Lens is entirely customizable to help you identify your most significant pain points and challenges by predicting upcoming issues, providing actionable insights and leverage strengths you wouldn’t have otherwise found. Each operational role is equipped with their own Lens to find the information they need. When it comes time to make a decision, you’ll have the factual statistics you need to support and empower HR, that’s 100% backed by PredictiveHR’s team of HR experts.

What can we provide for you?

  • Technology Optimization
  • System Aggregation
  • Data-Based Decision Support
  • Data and Analytics Optimization
  • At-a-Glance Predictive Analytics and Reporting

PredictiveHR is here to support, empower, and elevate your team every step of the way. With the solutions and services at hand, you’ll have the right resource to keep your organization on track.

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