How to Kickstart Your Recruiting with People Analytics Software

The use of people analytics software can greatly improve your hiring process. However, understanding the meaning behind the numbers, and setting realistic goals, is essential for your success.

The importance and difficulties of talent acquisition are nothing new, but the obstacles have only gotten bigger since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the hiring market and the field of employee retention are becoming truly tumultuous. People are changing careers and leaving their current positions for various other reasons. And companies are having to react by really buckling down on their talent acquisition strategy.

But how do you refine your strategy? Do you go read some new books? Maybe you attend a conference or two. Those methods may drive marginal results, but the real game-changer is introducing insightful data into your TA process.

If you focus on the underlying analytics that feeds into your talent acquisition process, you’ll have the ability to meet your recruiting demands faster and with more measurable results, ensure you’re hiring for the perfect fit, and create flexible solutions.

Hire with Speed and Efficiency

The average hiring process in the US takes approximately 23 days. That’s no short amount of time at all, and it can increase based on the number of positions you need to fill and the difficulty of filling those positions with the right people. So how do you make that process really smooth? You’ve got to know exactly what you’re looking for. 

Many companies know that they have a whole to fill and go into the hiring process looking to either be wowed or find someone similar to the person they lost. These companies don’t have a deep enough understanding of that position. 

If you have a robust analytics process behind that role, you’ll know exactly what the former employee was strong/weak at, and you’ll be able to utilize those insights in your recruitment process. 

You need to anticipate the skills you’re going to need in that new hire. Don’t just hire for what the position was. In order to be efficient, you’ll have to also hire for what the position will be. How do you know what it’ll be? Look at the analytics. Look at the holes. Look at the strengths. Look at where the position and your company as a whole can grow. That’s how you make effective hires that provide value for a long time. 

Find the Perfect Fit 

Finding the right person for the right role isn’t easy at all. There are times where you hire great new employees and they’re just in the wrong role. Maybe they would’ve been better off in a different position, but they wowed you in the interview process so now they’re in your company. 

They may be less valuable in their current role than they would have been if you put them in the right place. How do you avoid this problem? You’ve got to do your work beforehand. 

With the right analytics platform behind you, you can make sure you’re creating a great fit between the position and the candidate. You need to conduct application and employability assessments in order to really get a sense of the candidate’s goals and aspirations. You also can do pre-employment aptitude tests to find out if the talent you want to bring in is ready to hit the ground running. 

Discover Flexible Solutions 

In order to find the talent acquisition solutions that will create value for your business today and tomorrow, you need to really know where your business is going. You need to have proper workforce planning and that requires comprehensive analytics on the back end. 

Your business isn’t simple and neither are its problems. That’s why you need to utilize analytics to really understand the issues and find solutions that are customizable and scalable. Do you need to hire for a special product? Do you need to fill in a difficult position or maybe even scale your hiring volume up or down quickly? 

Problems are not one size fits all and your solutions shouldn’t be either. Traditional talent acquisition strategies can be too rigid, but a strategy informed by analytics can allow you to constantly iterate and succeed. 

Talent acquisition is going to be one of the most competitive points of interest for companies going forward. The companies that adapt to a more modern hiring market and allow data and technology to inform their talent acquisition strategies will find the best talent and retain it long term. 

You want to be in that number, but you’ve got to invest now. Proper investment in talent acquisition will let you hire faster and with more efficiency, find the right talent and place it where it needs to go, and find customizable solutions to unforeseen problems. 

That’s what an evolved talent acquisition strategy is all about, and a modernized strategy is what companies are going to be trying to implement going forward. Get ahead of the game and start cornering the talent market. 

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