Unleashing the Power of Paylocity API Integrations: Salesforce, QuickBooks, and Beyond

It’s time to boost your organization’s efficiency and optimize its operations. The good news? It’s easier than it sounds. With Paylocity API integrations, you can have employee data flow seamlessly between teams—ensuring accurate information is always in the right place. Discover how you can leverage this technology and how a partnership with PREDICTIVEHR can help protect your investment.

Why Paylocity API Integrations Matter

With data moving seamlessly throughout your organization, you can enhance efficiency and productivity in HR and payroll operations. Paylocity’s developer-friendly APIs connect its software to any system (like Salesforce and QuickBooks), making it easy to access data from Paylocity within other systems or connect other services and providers. Paylocity can be your central hub, maximizing accuracy, increasing automation and efficiency, and driving action across the organization.

What’s an API Integration?

In order to understand what an API integration is, let’s unpack APIs. API stands for application programming interface, and it’s essentially a messenger that allows different applications to talk to each other, share data, and perform actions. It carries all requests and responses to and from an application. 

An API integration is the process of connecting two or more applications via their APIs to perform a joint function. This process of connecting an external API to another application helps to extend its functionality or access external services.

How Paylocity API Integrations Work

Through Paylocity’s integrations, you can extend the platform’s capabilities by activating connections based on your needs. It’s then easy to manage all your active integrations right within Paylocity. Or you can build a custom integration with open developer-friendly APIs to connect Paylocity to any system. 

With these integrations, your HR team can automate processes across systems when actions or employee changes occur in Paylocity. Their webhooks push updates across your business in real-time when payroll is processed and when employees are hired, transferred, terminated, or other common changes occur.

Popular Paylocity API Integrations

1. Paylocity Salesforce Integration

This incredibly popular integration enables seamless data transfer between the two systems, ensuring accurate employee records and efficient sales processes. Rather than having employees log into each system separately to access the information they need, they can log into one interface for instant access to pay period data, time off balances, and pay stubs. Having accurate information across both systems means you can efficiently manage human resource operations in one place.

2. Paylocity QuickBooks Integration

Streamline payroll and accounting processes by eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors with this integral integration. Moving employee data, efficiently, between Paylocity and QuickBooks opens the door to automatic journal entries, expense tracking, and simplified tax calculations. Plus, with the seamless transfer of payroll data from Paylocity to QuickBooks, both your HR and accounting teams save time and avoid errors. 

Other Paylocity Integrations

There are over 300 systems you can integrate with Paylocity, so regardless of your business needs, there is an API integration built for it. Here are a few other popular integrations:

  • Oracle NetSuite 
  • Square
  • Slack
  • Okta
  • HubSpot

It’s easy to extend the Paylocity platform with seamless integrations to all your HR and business systems.

Reach Out to PREDICTIVEHR for Paylocity API Help

You want to make sure your Paylocity configurations will work for your goals. Leveraging PREDICTIVEHR’s expertise you unlock increased speed to implementation and deployment, access to customized dashboards across all workforce data, and tailored offerings to solve complex HR requirements including data extraction and implementation.

You even get a personal representative who’s in your corner advocating on your behalf to ensure there’s a clear transfer of knowledge so you can get the most out of your investment. When you partner with PREDICTIVEHR, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most from your Paylocity instance.


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