Unraveling Your Data: The Importance of Data Collection and Normalization for Powerful Insights [Webinar Recap]

Missed our webinar? No worries. Watch the recording of Adrienne Occhino’s webinar and find out how data collection and normalization of employee data can provide you valuable insights.

In HR.com’s recent Big Data and Analytics survey, almost 50% of respondents identified data collection or data clean up was “difficult” or “fairly difficult.” If not presented the right tools to gather data efficiently, how can organizations identify their HR needs or pain points and solve them? Without the proper cleansing and normalization of workforce data, HR managers aren’t able to uncover common attributes that are affecting their workforce and develop responsive initiatives based on their data.

On October 30, Predictive’s very own Adrienne Occhino, VP of Strategic Consulting, teamed up with HR.com to discuss the importance of how cleansing and normalizing employee data can deliver powerful insights to organizations. From discussing problems that arise with unclean data, solutions, and steps to cleansing data, Adrienne provided actionable ways that tools such as people analytics, can do to cleanse and strengthen the use of workforce data. To access HR.com’s webinar, you’ll find a link to the webinar below. Enjoy!

Watch the webinar recording here!