Paylocity Help for Administrators: Simplifying Payroll and HR Tasks

As an HR administrator, you have a lot on your plate. Why not free yourself from payroll and HR tasks and use software to help automate and optimize some of your procedures? Enter: Paylocity. 

Paylocity allows you to quickly and easily manage employment processes. However, in order to get the most out of your software, it’s important to have assistance along the way. Discover how Paylocity can help you and why PREDICTIVEHR is the ideal partner in implementing and maintaining your instance.


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Introducing Paylocity: Your Trusted Partner for Payroll and General HR Tasks

Paylocity is an online, cloud-based payroll and human capital management software. Using it makes it easy for HR teams and their organizations to manage complex situations like different types of employees, multiple states, and challenging tax scenarios. But Paylocity can help with so much more:

  • Core HR: organization management and benefits administration, expense management, compliance, salary structures, and legacy system data conversion
  • Workforce management: labor forecasting and shift scheduling, time/attendance tracking, absence/leave and skills, management, workforce analytics, and succession planning
  • Benefits admin: records management, enrollment planning, third-party carrier integration, document management, and regulatory compliance

Why Paylocity Assistance is Beneficial for Administrators

  • Save Time 

Payroll and HR management can consist of complex and time-consuming tasks—especially for larger organizations. A lot of employees mean lots of intricate calculations and compliance with various tax laws, deductions, and benefits. Tracking and processing this information manually can be tricky and time-consuming, oftentimes leading to payroll inaccuracies and employee dissatisfaction.

  • Stay Organized 

Plus, the sheer volume of data and paperwork can overwhelm administrators, making it tough to maintain accurate records. This can make it even harder to stay up to date with labor laws, tax regulations, and reporting requirements. 

When HR teams and their organizations invest in reliable assistance (like Paylocity), they can alleviate these pain points and open the door to improved efficiency, ensure compliance, and enhance the overall employee experience.

Comprehensive Support for Paylocity Administrators

In order to further streamline your Paylocity implementation and get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want a comprehensive partner in your corner to help along the way. PREDICTIVEHR provides Paylocity-certified solutions to companies that want to maximize their investment and get the most from their HCM systems. 

You get a dedicated rep who’s available to answer your questions directly, in a timely manner. Plus, thanks to our expertise and intimate knowledge of your business, you get a white-glove approach rather than triaged through the endless customer support loop. 

PREDICTIVEHR’s Ongoing Paylocity Support 

A major benefit of partnering with us is that we go beyond implementation. We’re your partner for however long you need providing managed services to ensure everything runs smoothly beyond the day after tomorrow. 

  • User, Role & Access Management

We’ll manage user accounts, define roles and permissions, and ensure appropriate access levels for different stakeholders within your organization. We understand security is fundamental which is why we help you set up and configure accounts and assign access based on job responsibilities.

  • Complex Approval Workflow Assistance

Our experts, and your dedicated rep, will help to optimize and automate your complex approval workflows—employee promotions, time-off requests, or expense reimbursements—to reduce manual effort and improve process efficiency.

  • Paylocity Integrations & API Assistance

By leveraging the power of APIs, we’ll enable your organization to streamline data exchange between Paylocity and other internal systems. Our subject matter experts facilitate the understanding of integration requirements, designing and implementing integration solutions, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

  • Tailored Training Programs for Administrators

Our clients can leverage our training programs to acquire advanced skills and expertise in using Paylocity so they can further optimize the system. With advanced knowledge, administrators can make the most out of the software’s features and functionalities. 

Take the Next Step: Reach Out to PREDICTIVEHR for Paylocity Admin Assistance

It’s time to simplify payroll and HR tasks with Paylocity. We’ve been trusted partners with Paylocity for a while and understand how to get the most from your instance, from implementation and training to customizations specifically designed for your organization. Reach out to PREDICTIVEHR today to see how we can help you and experience its benefits firsthand.


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