UKG Workforce Dimensions or Workforce Central: Which solution is right for my business?

Workforce Dimensions vs. Workforce Central

It’s hard to believe it has already been almost two years since Kronos Inc. (now UKG) revealed its revolutionary Workforce Dimensions platform. Yet, even amid the excitement for this new solution, Kronos has continued to improve and support Workforce Central — a platform which countless businesses already rely on and trust. improve and support Workforce Central — a platform which countless businesses already rely on and trust.

While Kronos has promised further support for Workforce Central in the years to come, many workforce leaders are now asking us which solution is right for them and if/when is the time to migrate solutions.

The answer is not a simple one, as we’ve come to know the many intricacies of each platform, but there are several key factors that inform our expert recommendation for each customer business. These factors balance both the current and future goals any leader has for their business and their employees. Take the following key differences into consideration when weighing these solutions, and reach out to speak to one of our experienced consultants and implementation experts on these factors and more as they relate to your specific industry, challenges and vision.

It’s worth checking out the successes of our clients, including Sequoia Living, who have experienced significant advantages by using UKG products implemented by PHR.

Range of Mobility

How important is it that your employees have flexible access to their productivity solutions, such as timekeeping, scheduling, etc.? For remote and field workers or frequently travelling staff, mobility is a must, but even workers with a regular, centralized workplace could do well with greater ease of access.

There’s no comparing the mobile-first and fully responsive design of Workforce Dimensions, which offers workers and their managers access to important administrative and productivity solutions across smartphones, tablets, laptops alike.

With each update, Workforce Central is becoming more mobile, including the recent elimination of outdated Flash plug-in requirements for certain feature access, but Central, now in its 8th iteration, was not designed from the beginning for fully mobile access.

Administration At-scale vs. Scalability

Do you expect your workforce to expand dramatically or stay relatively the same? Workforce Central is a reliable option for maintaining a strong, consistent and familiar administrative infrastructure.

On the other hand, Workforce Dimensions is primed for scalability, bolstered by its AI-integrated D5 platform. With increasingly advanced automation and machine learning, Dimensions is the right path for businesses looking to maximize the efficiency of their administrative processes and arm themselves with a dynamic suite of tools and further integrations to face the future.

Employee Engagement and Benefits

Speaking of integrations, the value these technologies both hold for employees should also be taken into consideration. Workforce Central’s strengths lie in familiarity and consistency of experience, perfect for businesses that need an effective solution that delivers reliably for workers at every level. Kronos is committed to providing support for this platform for years to come.

Workforce Dimensions, on the other hand, offers a robust technology partner program, delivering new integrations from third party experts that expand features beyond workforce management into employee engagement, development, wellness (health and financial), and more. These all help business leaders strengthen their company’s relationship with their employees, offering greater support in and outside of the workplace.

How to choose?

These are only a few of the many factors we take into consideration in making a recommendation. For those already using Workforce Central, migration to Dimensions has some great advantages with reliable data transfer. For those seeking a new implementation, many more questions await.

Our consultants are here to help you navigate this important decision, geared up to answer your toughest questions and to consider your biggest goals along the way. There’s only so much one blog post can introduce, so let’s dig through the details together. Have a question on your mind?