Recruitment Process Outsourcing with the PREDICTIVEHR Difference

Now more than ever, it’s critical for employers to keep their pipeline full of qualified talent. When there’s a talent shortage and your team is stretched — leaning on your talent pipeline can help keep the process going.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions are an effective way to find top talent that matches organizational culture and values–without sacrificing the candidate’s experience. Here’s what an RPO can do for your business.

Why An RPO

The recruiting environment is complex and with the labor market stretched, how do you find the right employees? To succeed in Talent Acquisition right now, industry professionals need to be on top of the latest tech to uncover potential candidates, while also nurturing their candidates in the pipeline, and being hyper-aware of their hiring manager’s needs. Individually, these tasks feel like a full-time job; balancing all three is a recipe for burnout.

RPO providers thrive in navigating these tumultuous hiring environments. PREDICTIVEHR employs a team of subject matter experts, current with the latest recruiting tech, and have the reach to meet hiring demands. Our team doesn’t rely on the various job posting boards for candidates but instead use our own technology platform to help us meet your hiring demands. All of these responsibilities come together with Talent Acquisition at their core. When you work with PREDICTIVEHR, we augment your team to release pressure.

An RPO can bring multiple benefits to an organization, including managing hiring fluctuations, improving your employer brand,  reducing recruiting costs and dependency on staff, as well as reducing time-to-fill. A dedicated RPO simplifies the hiring process, allowing your team flexibility and enhancing your candidate experience for a cost even cheaper than a contingency or agency. An RPO is a service on a switch; you call on us when you need us and we leave when you don’t.

The best part? You own the talent pipeline and you keep it when we leave.

A Perfect Fit for Your Organization

Historically, RPOs have been a cost-effective option for larger enterprises needing high-volume hiring. More recently, RPOs are trickling down to smaller and middle-market domains as a strategic, flexible, Talent Acquisition solution with many benefits.

While navigating a tight labor market, smaller organizations have the added challenge of managing multiple hats. Many human resource professionals balance employee relations, training, payroll, compensation, and benefits, all on top of hiring and recruiting.

Recruiting process outsourcing is perfect for any enterprise dealing with fluctuating number of hires throughout the year, as opposed to bringing on a permanent member of staff for a momentary influx in demand. Moreover, RPOs bring scalability to the process and variability to costs. They’re often structured based on hiring needs instead of a base figure.

The PREDICTIVEHR difference

To improve your sourcing methods, hiring, and retention strategies for your top candidates, you need support that truly understands your business and hiring objectives. PREDICTIVEHR goes above and beyond to help you analyze the parts of your recruiting programs and processes that need a bit of a push. Still, we never lose sight of our shared goal — getting the right people into your organization quickly.

We guarantee our hires and provide a completely customized retention plan guarantee to ensure success. PREDICTIVEHR is a true recruitment partner, and that’s never been more important than it is today. Short-term or long-term, PREDICTIVEHR helps get the employees you need to achieve all your Talent Acquisition goals.

To get a full view of what PREDICTIVEHR can do for your enterprise, schedule a complimentary demo today.