4 Ways an RPO Can Kickstart Your Recruiting Strategy

What’s an RPO?

Recruiting Process Outsourcing (or an RPO) is a dedicated hiring resource that works only when you need them to.

Need the assistance? Turn the service on. Fully staffed? Shut the service off!

Keep your existing team intact and supplement without disruption. This unique service is growing in popularity mostly for its flexibility and cost savings. You pay for the time you need, nothing more. It’s as simple as that.

PREDICTIVEHR Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an outsourced solution perfect for companies who need assistance with hiring but don’t want to disrupt their current team or budget.

As this recruiting method increases in favor, we’re illustrating four ways your business would benefit from RPO service through PREDICTIVEHR.

1. You get the best fit every time.

RPOs encourage sourcing from all possible resources to procure great talent. They source candidates through employee referral programs, company career sites, and harvest them manually using industry best practices.

PREDICTIVEHR’s bespoke RPO strategy can solve diversity, scalability, cost, quality, and other recruiting challenges many businesses face today. We don’t just fill open positions; we utilize predictive analytics to help you find the perfect fit for your company culture and anticipated growth.

2. Retain your candidate ownership.

An RPO doesn’t “own” the candidates they present. Whether they came into your pipeline through an employee referral or were sourced directly by us, your candidates are yours. That means even after we leave, that pipeline is yours.

At PREDICTIVEHR, we work in the mindset that our relationships with clients are a long-term, strategic partnership. That remains true whether you utilize us for a quarter, or for years to come. We approach our work with accountability to secure a consistent, quality talent pipeline.

3. Full service recruiting from start to finish.

PREDICTIVEHR is your partner from start to finish, providing support every step of the way. We’ll help you find the best candidates and make sure they are successfully onboarded into your company.

  • We write job descriptions that attract the right candidates and the top talent in your industry.
  • We provide candidate screening to ensure a fit in company culture and team environment.
  • Our strategy improves hiring manager satisfaction as well as candidate experience to increase your employer branding.

With our cutting-edge technology and helpful staff, you can’t go wrong with PREDICTIVEHR.

4. Pay only for the time you need, nothing more.

When all is said and done, the total cost of an RPO ends up being 60% to 75% less than what an agency charges. Tired of the hassle and expense of hiring a new employee? Allow us:

Avg. 8-10 hires per quarter for SaaS clients No guarantees
$1,000,000 salary minimum 20% per hire
$60,000 per quarter per resource Over $200,000
Your company owns the talent pipeline Process is opaque

Recruitment is an ‘easy’ tough business.  We are subject matter experts who come in and help only when you need us to.

  • We sign nondisclosures to secure your confidential data,
  • We integrate into your process and work in your systems.
  • We build healthy talent pipelines YOU own, even after we leave.
  • We step aside when you no longer need us.

Let PREDICTIVEHR help you find the perfect candidate for your company – quickly, easily, and without any disruption to your normal workflow.

Selecting the Right RPO

A great RPO understands the importance of finding the right fit for both the employer and employee. Finding the right fit for your company is essential, so we take our time to get to know you and your business. We acknowledge your deepest concerns and work alongside hiring managers and key stakeholders to ensure:

  • Seamless Integration: We understand your systems and technology stack
  • Ownership of the Pipeline: Our process is open and transparent to your team
  • Transparent, Scalable Pricing: We can work within your timeline and budget
  • Expert Recruiters: We place a qualified subject matter expert within your organization

PREDICTIVEHR is here to help. Feel confident you’re making the best decision for your company with customized RPO Solutions built for your business.

Contact us today to get started!