PREDICTIVEHR Releases Powerful Outsourced Data Warehouse and Reporting Platform Feature for Finance and HR Professionals, Development Lab

March, 2022 (Boston, MA)

Today, PREDICTIVEHR is excited to announce the launch of our latest innovation, Development Lab. This new feature allows organizations to easily customize reporting and combine HR data with other datasets – financial, productivity, or otherwise – to create powerful, actionable analytics without major investment in technology or workforce.

This new feature will allow Finance and HR professionals to build reports quickly and easily, transforming how they extract data and share reports.

Development Lab offers tactical and operational value that can be achieved by customizing HR reporting for a specific organization and the potentially transformational value of analytics produced by combining HR data with other datasets (financial, productivity data in particular). The feature offers the above value without the typically-accompanying huge costs of technology and skilled labor.

“We’ve updated our offering to include a clean normalized data model to combat this, enabling users to upload their own custom data sets and combine them with aggregated, normalized data. Users will also enjoy functionalities like scripting personalized queries and extracting data from our Development Lab.”

Jamie Troiano, CEO of PREDICTIVEHR had this to say about the launch of Development Lab:

“We’re excited to offer our clients a powerful new reporting feature that will make extracting data and sharing reports faster and easier than ever before. With Development Lab, users will have everything they need to make informed decisions about their workforce.”

With a normalized data model, you can create your own reports on your own terms. Development Lab allows you to:

  • Combine HR data with other operational data such as Finance, Operations, Facilities, Sales, and more!
  • Combine your data sets with PREDICTIVEHR’s data model
  • Script your own queries
  • Extract data and write out your Development Lab
  • Use or adapt the best in industry reports and dashboards PREDICTIVEHR provides
  • Publish your own reports in your own portal
  • Share your customized reports with business leaders
  • Access to expert support for any items you need aid with


PREDICTIVEHR Development Lab is available today to all existing and new clients. To learn more about PREDICTIVEHR’s latest release, or to schedule a demo with one of their senior consultants, click here.

“It can be tough to get reliable data when you need it most. And even if you do have the data, it can be hard to know how to use it. With Development Lab, we offer a complete HR Analytics platform including a data warehouse, reporting tool, and publishing portal, all hosted in our secure cloud environment. We do the hard work of gathering and aggregating data for you, allowing your Talent Analysts to do what they do best,” said Charles Occhino, Head of Technology at PREDICTIVEHR.

In today’s hiring market, it’s becoming increasingly important to use technology and a data-driven approach to prevent the risk of falling behind competitors. Too much data can be overwhelming, we provide only the data you need in an easy to interpret format. Development Lab is designed to make building actionable reports easier by surfacing the information users require to make informed decisions about their business. Don’t rely on your gut. Rely on Development Lab.

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